Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Book

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

by Karol Truman



Negative emotions can hinder a person’s life in many ways: health, wealth, and success — can cause a person to feel “stuck in life”.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die is a great book towards emotional freedom and deliverance from bondage. The book addresses many types of health conditions describing the emotional root cause for each with how to reverse the negative emotion/thought pattern associated with it.

Contains 307 black and white pages. Size = 9 x 6 x .75 inches.



 Essential Oils Desk and Pocket Reference Book

by Life Science

Essential Oils “Pocket”
Reference Book


Essential Oils
“Desk” Reference Book


The Essential Oils Desk and Pocket Reference Books are a must have for learning how to use therapeutic grade Essential Oils! Both “pocket” and “desk” essential oil reference books can be considered as a professional guide. Both “desk” and “pocket” size books include application usage for over 320 conditions; plus … history of essential oils, how essential oils work, chemistry of essential oils, safety guidelines, techniques and application, images, charts, diagrams, and more!

Pocket Reference contains 485 black and white pages broken down into 7 chapters and 3 appendixes; has a soft cover. Weight = 1 Lb 2 oz. Size = 6.5 x 6.25 x 1.5 inches including spiral-bound.

Desk Reference contains 810 colored pages broken down into 20 chapters and 8 appendixes, including a small section on essential oil animal care; has a hard cover.

Weight = 5 Lbs. Size = 11 x 10 x 1.5 inches including spiral-bound.



Animal Desk Reference - Essential Oils for Animals

Animal Desk Reference
Essential Oils for Animals

by Melissa Shelton, DVM



In the essential oils Animal Desk Reference book, author Melissa Shelton DVM (a holistic veterinarian) shares how she uses Young Living Essential Oils and products to care for animals of all kinds and sizes with all sorts of conditions based upon her own personal clinical practice and application.

Contains 544 black and white pages; has a soft cover. Weight = 3 Lbs. Size = 10 x 7 x 1.25 inches.



Pets and Essential Oils Brochure

Pets & Oils Brochure

by Dr. Mary Hess

$1.00 / single
$10.00 / 25 pack

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The Oils & Pets Brochure is safety guide reference for essential oil dilution ratios for animals all sizes, from horse to fish. The brochure is written by Dr. Mary Hess, a holistic veterinarian.

5-panel brochure containing tips usage for Young Living’s Everyday Oils on animals, which Young Living supplements to use for top leading conditions of animals, paw vita flex chart and dilution chart.



Higher Good Alternatives Brochure

Higher Good Alternatives Brochure

by IsoHeatlhy Publishing

(For Distributors Only)

Bulk Rates Available!

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HGA Distributors – Start sharing the Good News! This brochure is designed to get people thinking about which healthcare system they belong to with letting them know that there is another and Higher Good healthcare system out there. Introduces all the product lines: healthy pet food, natural flea and tick remedy, essential oils. Has a place on the backside to put your contact information. GET EQUIPPED for works of service!!!

Trifold brochure printed on a nice smooth thick magazine paper-stock.


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